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"It's all about getting a reaction...and the best way to do that is to do the unexpected."

                                                                                                                   -Richie Rivera


Since the moment he burst onto the scene, doing the unexpected has been the hallmark of Richie Rivera, who has been hailed by Music Connection as "one of the most exciting drummers around." From adrenalin-inducing hard rock backbeats to tasteful pop accompaniment to mind-bending jazz fusion to show-stopping musical theater, Richie's unique blend of flamboyant showmanship and technical mastery have captured the attention of audiences and the industry alike. "Having those influences allows me to throw flavors of one genre into another," he notes. "In music, the greatest sin is to be boring...and I'm anything but that!"


A dynamic performer and natural entertainer, Richie's inherent star quality and high-energy stage presence makes him a standout in front of a live audience. Behind the flurry of spinning sticks is a huge, ear-to-ear smile that radiates all the way to the back row. "That smile is genuine," he points out, "because life to me is just the space between shows, so each moment on stage is a tremndous release."


While he began studying drums at age 11 and was doing session work before he was old enough to drive, it wasn't long before Richie discovered his other great passion in life: songwrting. He made his songwriting debut with the band Blurred Vision, featuring a then-unknown Adam Levine (Maroon 5), and went on to write for the progressive rock band 9 MIles, The Cranberries-esue Rain Cheque and then ultimately for melodic rock senstation Madison Paige, with whom Richie's songs received airplay all over the world, including on L.A. radio giant 95.5 KLOS. 


Now recently relocated to Nashville, TN,  Richie has become an in-demand touring and session drummer. Whether it's Hard Rock, Adult Contemporary, R&B or Modern Country, Richie is always looking to create a moment.  "As a listener, I'm always waiting for that hook that takes you out of where you are and puts you in the song," he observes. "That's what I'm aiming for, both as a writer and a performer."



Richie is proudly endorsed by Pro-Mark Sticks and Evans Drumheads.








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